Soul Portraits

"Not that you need my recognition... But, please do not ever stop what you are doing!!! I see these portraits you did of my littles daily, and every time I see them (which is multiple times a day) I am just more and more in love. Not just with the images, but with life. These images are proof that magic does exist. Magic exists in us ordinary people. And, my two little ones are beyond magic. These images remind me daily that in an imperfect world, there is perfection if you look for it. These images remind me to be grateful for my blessed and beautiful life. So, please do not ever stop making magic." Chrizanne

"Magic Exists In Us Ordinary People"

Signing up for Cass’s workshop, I expected to learn how to create photographs that resembled Cass’s art. At least, I had hoped as much. I had not imagined I would have such an angelic experience learning how to create my own art. From the first exercise to the life long community of support, the experience was unlike any other. I thought I was investing in just another workshop. I could not have been more wrong. I have never experienced a workshop where the photographer was so invested in you. Nor have I ever been a part of a workshop with a photographer who was so generous with their time. To speak with her is inspiring, to know her is humbling, to learn from her was life changing!! I cannot wait until next time!!!​
Kylee Brand, Online Workshop, 2020

"Life Changing"

I participated in the November 2018 Online Workshop. I had barely be a 'photographer' for a year and was still shooting with a Canon Rebel t5. Cass's workshop transformed the way I see light and in doing that, took my work to a new level. Everywhere I look, I can picture how the light will look in a portrait. Cass doesn't just teach you to edit. She makes sure you have the tool to get an amazing SOOC so that your editing workflow is simple and basic. My work has reached a point now where I can finally say that I am creating the heirlooms for my own family and my clients that I had imagined being able to produce. I wouldn't be where I am without this workshop. No editing tutorials are going to give you what this workshop does. Cass's support doesn't end when the workshop does. When you take this workshop, you join a small family group of fellow photographers and students that are just as loving and encouraging and brilliantly talented as Cass. I cant wait to take an in-person workshop or even one-on-one mentorship with Cass someday.
Ashley Holloway, Online Workshop, 2018

"Amazing SOOC"

I signed up for this workshop hoping to learn how to edit a regular photo into a beautiful, dreamy image… Instead, I have learned how to capture beautiful, dreamy images right IN CAMERA, and then polish them with edition to simply help them achieve their full potential. Anyone can teach Photoshop, but it takes a passionate and talented photographer like Cassandra to effectively teach you how to look at the world differently, how to find inspiration and magic in the simplest places, gestures, moments; and how to develop your skill to be able to capture them. Her lessons are concise and well structured, her constant guidance priceless, and her ever so sweet and authentic personality makes learning a pleasure. This experience has been uplifting and my perception of my work is forever changed. I honestly consider this step one of the most significant ones I’ve taken in my career. 
Thank you Cass for being a great teacher and an inspiration!
​T. Preston,Online Workshop, 2018

"Magic In The Simplest Places"

Attending Cassandra from Noelle Mirabella’s workshop was a one of a kind experience that I will always cherish! Every detail was not forgotten, from checking into our hotel rooms, to the delicious homemade food made by her husband, to the incredible wealth of knowledge Cassandra shared with us throughout the weekend. When I went into the workshop, I was well versed in Photoshop and Lightroom, and Cassandra helped me take my capture to the next level. Her attention to detail in the workshop is mirrored in her work. We were pampered and showered with love and genuine care. It was an honour to meet her and see her shine! Thank you Cassandra for making this such a memorable workshop! I am so thankful to have attended and looking forward to my next pieces of art!
J. Mahepath, In-Person Workshop 2019

"Attention to Detail"

This online workshop was absolutely worth the investment. Cass was very responsive to all participant questions and was so thorough with her portfolio review. She was completely dedicated to the program and our needs. Cass was also flexible and made sure everyone was on the same page and that no one missed anything. The class ran efficiently and was focused on all the important information with no “fluff”. In the beginning of the program, Cass said it would change the way I see the world and she was right!
Although I have quite a bit of work ahead of me, I am finally starting to create the images I’ve always wanted. I learned so much and I am already planning on which class I can take next!
Thank you, Cass!!
​Anna Medeiros, Online Workshop, 2020

"Worth The Investment"

I hope you’re doing well! It’s been a while since I was in your March workshop. I haven’t written you a proper thank you yet, and as I launch my social media pages I can’t help but think of you. I’m still finding my feet in all of this but I'm very excited about this new beginning and grateful to have your teachings behind me. You have been such an inspiration to me and I already know that you’ve changed the trajectory of my venture into photography. I am so incredibly thankful for the opportunity to have learned from you. I had read reviews that you give it ALL in your workshops, and you did not disappoint. Learning from you has been, by far, the best investment I have made into my photography journey. Your workshop provided me with so much insight into so many different aspects of being a photographer and an artist. I’ve been trying to put it into words for some time now, how and why I began into photography, and I’ve realized that while I haven’t always been a photographer, I have always been an artist. Thank you for helping to draw that out of me and for so much more. You seamlessly balanced teaching the artistic and technical aspects of your work, not to mention storytelling, customer service, styling, editing, professional development, business and more. I really appreciated your kindness, your humour and your guidance through the workshop. Thank you, thank you, thank you!! Your teaching, your work, your words… they never cease to move me. Thank you for being such a guiding light.
Much love, Amanda Deley, Online Workshop 2021

"Incredibly Thankful"

I am so glad that I invested in this wonderful workshop by Cass! I am very much into outdoor photography and I was amazed when I saw Cass's beautiful artwork on facebook for the first time and wanted to learn the editing techniques from her! One day she posted the straight out of camera picture .. OMG ! I realized she created that magic straight out of the camera! Cass's workshop was in my bucket list from then and I am more than happy to get it fulfilled in April, 2020 Cass's workshop is such an amazing experience.. It helps you to transform as a passionate photographer, a storyteller and inspires you as a human being. It changed my perspective in choosing locations, finding light, using colors and most importantly to capture emotions and stories that really matters. She won't hold back anything and shares with you every piece of knowledge and information in creating beautiful pictures. She encourages you, motivates you and her constructive feedback helps a ton at every step.I can easily say this is my favorite workshop and what Cass taught us through this workshop is priceless and I will cherish this experience forever! 
Hima Nagalla, Online Workshop, 2019


“This workshop has by far been the best investment for my self development. It is just as magical as Cass’s images. I have been following Cassandra Jones’ work for many years, and finally decided to step up my artistic game and take her workshop. I’ll admit, I was excited but also very nervous, that somehow I would mess it up and not be able to follow along. Cass made it super easy and fun, she will not begin a class before making sure everyone has made it there and have no technical issues. I had nothing to lose and so much to gain, and she delivered big time. I am forever thankful for everything I learned and all the tools and knowledge that became available to me. This workshop also opened up many more resources for personal and business development. I look forward to taking more of her workshops in the future.”
​Beatrice Fierro, Online Workshop, 2020

"So Much To Gain"

I had the terrific opportunity of doing a one-on-one workshop with Cass at Noelle Mirabella Studio. It was the best money I ever spent! Cass gives everything she's got --- before, during, and afterwards. I was brought to tears from how she inspired me. I came away a changed person, excited to tell stories with my camera. She gave practical teaching by bringing in sweet little models, and taught me first hand how to work with them and how to bring pictures to life. She was forthright and honest with me, and I appreciated it so much. It was my birthday, and she and her husband fed me with delicious food and even a birthday cake! I continue to learn from her and the loving community she has created. I highly recommend a Noelle Mirabella workshop. It will be an investment that is treasured always, and so worth every penny!
Laural Russell, One-On_One Mentoring, 2019

"Highly Recommend"

Cass is a talented and inspirational. I had been drooling over her photography for years and finally had the opportunity to take an online workshop with her. I can’t believe how much I learnt during the workshop. I am so happy to have learnt scouting, wardrobe, editing, and so much more and can guarantee that I will be taking more workshops with Cass in the future. She is truly an amazing person

Paula Jarecki 
Online Workshop


I'm still really new to photography all together. I'm about 2 years in. I am thrilled to have taken Cass's online workshop. I feel like it gave me the tools that I needed to be able to take my work to the next level. It was very informative and very thorough. I don't think I could have made a better investment in or for myself. I have admired Cass's work for the past two years and am so happy to have had the opportunity to learn from someone I admire. I can't wait to take another workshop with her! 

-Melissa Eckert

Online Workshop, 2020


I feel like I've finally found my voice when it comes to photography, and Cass is the one who gave it to me! Investing in my education, and in Cass, was the BEST thing I've ever done for myself. 

-Chanel of Henhouse Imagery, Online Workshop

"I've Finally Found My Voice"

I took the online workshop in September 2019 and it was everything I hoped it would be. Cass is such a patient teacher... she'll go over the same things as many times as you need until it sinks in. I learned so many amazing new skills during the two week course and I've been putting those skills into practice ever since. I'm still learning and growing in my art but now creating images that I'm REALLY proud of, using the tools Cass gave me.
I am so glad I chose this course, it was such an invaluable experience for me.
Thankyou Cass x

Bridget Scott
Online Workshop, 2019

"New Skills"

“Taking this workshop was the best ‘photography thing’ I’ve ever done. It didn’t just change my work, it changed my thinking and my eye and my beliefs about what is possible and where beauty can be found. Cass shares everything from finding inspiration to scouting a magical location, to the perfect finishing touches in photoshop. There is just nothing that compares to watching a lesson, getting to ask questions live, then going out and practicing the next day and getting specific feedback right away. Cass speaks authentically and genuinely wants her students to succeed. There’s nothing she holds back. For me, the online workshop worked extremely well with my family needs, but now I’m craving the opportunity to do an in person workshop and get to hang out with Cass and all these other like-minded photographers! That would be heavenly.”

Erin Michalski

Online Workshop, 2018

"Changed My Thinking"

I was surfing a photographers group on Facebook when I stumbled upon a picture that Cass had posted. That first glance at her image and I knew there was something special about this image that stood out from the thousands of images I was used to seeing. I quickly peeked at her page and I was in complete awe. My jaw dropped looking through all her photos. There was only one word to describe her images - "MAGIC!" When I found out that she was doing workshops, I knew that someday, I was going to do one with her. My dream came true and finally I was able to do her online workshop. And I must say, I will never look at light and location the same way. Her workshop is totally worth the money as I learned SO MUCH!! Cass holds nothing back...she reveals it all! And what's more, is she truly cares about the learning of her students. She truly cares about making sure we get the most out of her workshop. THANK YOU, CASS!! Not only are you that one in a million talented photographer, but you have a heart of gold!!!!!!!
Thanks so much Cass,
Nabeela Shariff 

Online Workshop, 2018

"One In a Million"

I have taken quite a few workshops to further my photography education but I can honestly say this is probably my favorite workshop. Cass gave us so much, it was a very intense pace and you will not stop learning from early morning to late evening. I really felt like it took me to the next level for my photography. After taking Cass's online workshop I was so impressed I decided to take it in person and learned even more! We had so many set ups and beautiful babies and models to photograph. I really learned how to take the best photos straight out of camera. Cass is the master of light for sure and I really wanted to get better at capturing the best photos and cutting down on editing time just to fix problems. She pushed me and all of us and is an incredible teacher. But what's more Cass is such a beautiful person inside and out and I will never forget her kindness, her warm welcome and the incredible food she offered us to ensure we had energy to learn. Thank you Cass. I miss you already.
Betty Laurent-Bellomy​
Victoria Workshop, 2018

"My Favourite Workshop"

Every once in a while, someone will cross your path, and awaken a part of you, even though that part of you has been there, it suddenly comes out of its slumbered state. Once the awaken has happened, you find your life channeling forth on a new enlightened path. For me, this had been one of those “blessed” moments: Cass has inspired me from the moment I saw her work. Being a part of Cass’s course was not only something that I needed, it was for me, to be inspired, to be challenged, and to be awakened.
As a class, I watched each of us grow, in our ability to accomplish photography on a whole new plain of thinking. To learn how to control our cameras so that our SOOC pictures were sharp, balanced and had beautiful bokeh. Taking our pictures into processing, where they are polished and refined until the “wow factor” is achieved.
I loved the spiritual and emotional support and beauty that Cass brought to the table of learning. This course holds a candle to none other that I have taken. If you are considering taking one of her courses, my advice is DO IT! Don’t let the magic pass you by.
JA Standring
Online workshop, May, 2017

"New Plain of Thinking"

First of all, I just wanted to say what an amazing workshop this has been. You have my eyes scanning for locations everywhere I go and have made me fall in love with light all over again. It's funny that I originally signed up to understand your editing process, but now find myself doing even less editing than ever because you have showed me how to get the magic right in camera.
I feel so much more confident assessing a scene and knowing exactly what spots will yield great results. My editing process has become much quicker and more streamlined.
You are amazing!!! If anyone wants to grow their creative spirit, I heartily recommend they sign up for one of your workshops!!

N. Singleton, Brisbane, Australia
Online Workshop, Oct, 2017

"Amazing Workshop"

I've taken a lot of online courses and several in person workshops, as well as attended a few highly touted conferences. Often I'm left feeling like the presenters are holding back in order to get you to buy into another opportunity or save their advanced information for themselves. With Noelle Mirabella's online workshop I definitely didn't feel that way. From the very beginning Cassandra sets the precedent that no question is off limits and she is an open book of an incredible wealth of knowledge and talent. She creates a supportive learning environment and really invests in the learning of each of the attendees. The course is structured well, but also flexible to the requests of the students. It is all encompassing from structuring a business, marketing, preparing to shoot, photographing, and editing. This course has been a turning point in my photographic career.

C. Mercredi, Alberta, Canada 
Online Workshop, May, 2017

"No Question Is Off Limits"

I can’t say enough about how amazing this online webinar was for me. I have taken many classes live and was wondering how much I could really learn from a webinar. The one big draw for me was Cassandra’s work. I found her work online several years ago and felt like I met someone who could see in childhood what I see…the importance of preserving the beauty and innocence of children with an old world feel. It was the first time I had seen work that really drew me in and captivated me. I had no idea how in the world she did it but I knew I wanted to know how. When I saw that she was offering a webinar I jumped at the chance. It was worth every penny and more. It is clear this is her passion and she holds nothing back to help you break out of your comfort zone and grow if you are willing. I learned more in this webinar about natural light photography, composition and editing than any class (including live) I have taken. It pushed me to grow - in just one week I was stunned at the difference in my own work - it was quite a moment for me. Her clear feedback and advice were instrumental in helping me look at my work differently. When I uploaded images for feedback she was quick to respond. The live webinars were amazing…so much packed into those. I learned everything from scouting for locations that are under your nose, more sophisticated forms of composition and editing as well as strategies for getting those sweet sleepy shots. This class forever has changed my photography journey.
B. Koesel, Texas, USA, Online Workshop, May 2017

"I Learned Everything"

Dear Cassandra! At the End of this webinar I want to say something! English is not my native language but I hope Google translator will help me). My friend sent me the link with your page and I was amazed! This is the best work I've ever seen. And of course I couldn't miss your webinar. There were some obstacles (my bad English and big difference in time, but I decided to listen to you and I was all ears and learned what I understand, then I can sleep later). And, now I can say that I had a lot of webinars but no one inspired and amazed me like yours! Every drop of your information was valuable for me. Even your voice was sounded so welcoming that I wanted to listen to you again and again. I want to say Thank you very much!!! And, I am sure you'll continue inspiring others in the future. I can only hope that one day my art will touch somebody as yours touched me. Million times thank you!!!

D. Sauleak, Moldova
Online Workshop, May 2017

"I wanted To Listen To You Again and Again"

I honestly don’t know how to adequately express how grateful I am for this workshop. I wasn’t actively searching for a workshop to attend. Going into it I was proud of my work but as with every photographer knew there was lots I could improve on. I have admired Cassandra’s work for so long that the second I saw she was offering a workshop I did not hesitate to sign up. I knew that even if I got a little glimpse into her world of photography it would be worth every penny. Every expectation I had was completely blown away. For two weeks she shared with us all of her secrets on getting those tack sharp, 3-D incredible story telling images. Watching the growth of the people in the group after just one of her webinars was mind blowing. But the best part was she was not trying to create a bunch of photographers whose work looked just like hers. She gave us the tools for us to be the best version of ourselves that we could be. The words from her constructive critiques are invaluable. Every critique was presented with kindness. She has a heart of gold and it was evident that she poured her whole heart into this workshop. She was invested in our success. If that meant reviewing a technique 3 more times, having an additional webinar, writing out the steps, she did so without hesitation. The behind the scenes photos of her work completely changed how I see the world. There are opportunities for magic everywhere. You just have to know where to look and how to breathe life into a photo in Photoshop.
A. Whitaker, Louisiana, USA
Online Workshop, May 2017


I highly recommend taking the Noelle Mirabella Online Worskshop. The course was an incredible learning opportunity and well worth the investment. Cassandra was an amazing instructor going above and beyond my expectations. She assigned to the group shooting assignments to be done throughout the course and took an incredible amount of time going through each student's work to offer constructive feedback on what worked well and what could be improved upon. She answered everyone's questions, in detail, and was an open book throughout the course. Her warmth and sincerity shone through her written and spoken words. She was truly invested in ensuring everyone took something away from the course. Webinars were also provided throughout the course to discuss the basics of photography (e.g. composition, lighting, styling) and editing techniques. The webinars were full of information and Cassandra continued to share anything that was asked of her. She is a remarkable person, photographer and artist. I hope to one day have the opportunity to take an in-person workshop with her. I highly recommended course!

S. Johannson, Saskatchewan, Canada
Online Workshop, May, 2017 

"Full of Information"

For all you aspiring photographers (like myself) or even advanced professional photographers, I cannot say enough AMAZING things about Cassandra & her online workshop! Her webinars were very organized, structured, and easy to follow along. She took her time to explain every little thing. She went into great detail about how she brings her images to life. She covered so many things that I always wanted to know -just to name a few- she covered how she scouts her locations, how to use your camera, and its functions, she also goes over when the best times to shoot, how to style a session, how to capture the right angels/photos. She also covered step by step image edits from start to finish. In addition to all of that, she also covered many many more amazing things, too much to list here! During her workshop, Cassandra gave us assignments to work on, which I absolutely loved, because it gave me the confidence to go out, and tryout all the things that I had just learned. Cassandra was always available and provided constructive critiques. They were straight forward, honest, and educational. Cassandra is an amazing teacher and mentor! She truly loves what she does, and wholeheartedly wants her students to learn and be successful! I am so happy & forever grateful that I had opportunity to learn from the best of the best!
Valerie Feldman, Online Workshop, 2017

"Straightforward, Honest and Informational"

I have been following Cassandra’s work for a while now, always being moved by the storytelling, authenticity, and honesty of her images. I fell in love with the perfect balance of the simplicity of her images and superb technical execution. As a creative and professional photographer, I could not help but wonder how she got there, what was her thought process, and how she saw light, color and composition to produce the images that moved me every time. So, when I saw that she opened an online webinar, I had to jump on it!
Cassandra’s webinar was well structured, suited for the beginner and advanced photographer alike, as she took the time to cover the basics and then went into the details of how she envisions, constructs, and brings alive an image. She herself is kind, smart, and supportive. Her critiques are straight forward, honest and actionable. This webinar left me with new tools I can add to my creative process to make my own. If you want to learn and grow your photography, and you are someone who enjoys the magic of Noelle Mirabella Photography, you will find this webinar to be time and money well spent. Go beyond the hazy action crowd. Join in, learn, grow, and make it your own.
P. Bezmen, New Jersey, USA
Online Workshop, May, 2017


I just finished the Noelle Mirabella workshop and cannot recommend it enough! Cassandra was an open book to any questions that we had. No matter what your question was, it was going to be answered. From start to finish the course was so well organized and delivered. While watching the webinars, it was like sitting in a room of your closest photography friends. All aspects of photography were covered. From camera settings, shooting, lighting, scouting, editing, it's all wrapped up into this package. It is so evident how much time and passion Cassandra puts into this course. I can honestly say that the course felt 100% from her heart and that she truly cares about her students and making sure they are satisfied with the course. Anytime someone needed more instruction she went out of her way to make sure they understood including one on one time with them. I have a renewed passion to get out there and find magic in everyday places! The course has taught me to push my images further, to not be afraid to step out of my comfort zone as well as new techniques and editing. Can I tell you how excited I am to finally not have neon greens!!?? I am beyond thrilled with getting to know Cassandra and working with her the last few weeks! She is such an inspiration to so many and I was honored to learn from her!
M. Lynam, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
Online Workshop, May, 2017

"Truly Cares About Her Students"

Hello! My name is Cassandra Jones. I am an artist, a record-keeper, a storyteller, a legacy preserver, and a voice. I believe that photographic artists change the world every single day through the images we take and the photographs we choose to share with the world. 
Photographs are a medium of expression. They allow us to take thoughts, moments, and ideas and make art out of them that, when shared with the world, change the social landscape, global perspective, and the way we view other people and ourselves. They are a way of standing up in this ever changing world and saying, "This is what I see when I look at you."
I see beauty in all of our joyful, magnificent, sorrowful, overwhelming, contented, graceful, ordinary, extraordinary lives and the stories we have collected along the way.  The stories that show up in the lines on our exquisite faces and the way our eyes sparkle when we see someone we love deeply or talk about something that sets our soul on fire. The stories that show up in our scars and our triumphs. I see beauty in it all and I want to bottle it up in images and present it back to you.  

Cassandra Jones