Hello and Welcome! My name is Cassandra Jones and I am the artist behind Noelle Mirabella Photography. If you would like a behind the scenes glimpse into my photographic work, workshops, and artistic process, feel free to follow me here on the blog. 

I am Coming Back!!! It is no secret I absolutely adore Victoria, B.C. I usually spend at least one month out of every year in this beautiful place. I will be back again for the month of April in 2023! I have a couple of workshops in the latter half of the month. I will […]

Victoria, B.C Photo Sessions

Photo Session Victoria, B.C

People always ask me how I do it. How do I get children to cooperate and do the things they do in my photography sessions? It is really all about connecting with and understanding the needs of my littlest subjects and preparing for a successful session. In this blog post, I will share some tips […]

Working With Children To Capture The Magic Moments